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5 Biggest Mistakes In Instagram Reels

5 Biggest Mistakes In Instagram Reels

Gone are the days when you’d put together a 4-minute video on VHS. The internet has given us many excellent tools for sharing our videos, Like Instagram. Instagram reels are those videos you see on Instagram (you probably know them as vertical videos) that show off someone’s work. You all most likely have seen some reels before.
You should use Instagram Reels if you haven’t already. They’ve been around for quite some time now. They’re fun, they’re easy to share, and they help your engagement on Instagram.
But what happens if they’re not very good? What makes a person take notice? Why can’t I ever get my video like what I see on Instagram?
So many people make the same mistakes repeatedly when it comes to Reels. So we thought we’d do a quick rundown of the 5 Biggest Mistakes In Instagram Reels we see:

Social media is all about trends. What happened yesterday or last week is already stale news, and what’s popular next month may change the face of your Instagram feed.

The biggest mistake you can make on Reels is to miss out on a great opportunity because you’re too busy waiting for your favorite trend to come along.

As you can see, TikTok is the leader for new trends and formats. But Instagram users are more likely to stay on the platform and watch your Reel.

So the idea is to identify what’s popular on TikTok and create something similar on Instagram.

You want to be first on Instagram so that you can get more views and engagement.

Check TikTok for the latest trends because it’s the place where all new trends start. You want to be the first person or at least very early in posting your Reels on Instagram. You should also check out what your competitors are doing on Reels and see if you can do something better.

Instagram Reels Trends

Luckily, Instagram makes it pretty easy to find out: Just visit the Explore page. This page displays trending content based on algorithms, so it’s a great way to keep up with what’s trending right now.

If you’re looking for something specific — say, a specific hashtag or a particular account — you can also use the search bar at the top of the page. Just type in your keyword or username, and click on any of the tags that come up below the search bar to see relevant posts from around Instagram. You can even click “View All” under any type of post (video, photo, etc.) to know every result for your search term.

Check out our article to find out How to find the best hashtags for Instagram posts?

there are numerous youtube channels that create a weekly video for new TikTok challenges and trends, such as the “Tiktoktrends” channel, which has over 100k subscribers. You can watch them routinely and make content based on their suggestions.

Here are some:


Daily Tiktok Trends

Tiktok Trendzz

Use Tokboard 

Mistakes to avoid in Instagram Reels

Whether you are a beginner or a professional Instagram Reels user, you will always need to add music to your videos. Adding music will help you to make your videos fun and entertaining. Using the right song is critical for your success on Instagram Reels. There are a few things that you need to consider when looking for music for your Instagram Reel video:

– The length of the video: Your video needs to be 30 seconds long or less. Therefore, you should find a song that matches Instagram’s limits.

– The song’s rights: You must ensure that the song you choose does not violate anyone’s copyright laws. You should also check if it is okay to use the music for commercial purposes.

-The song’s mood: In addition to considering how long the song is and its copyright, you should also think about how the music makes people feel. Is it happy? Is it sad? The song’s mood can affect how people respond to your video and interact with it.

The best way to find perfect songs for your Instagram Reel videos is by using a website called Tokboard. It is an online platform that helps users discover popular songs in TikTok App and allows them to download

2. Lip-syncing is off

It’s always hard to get something right the first time. With Instagram Reels, it can be a little trickier to master than other social media platforms — especially if you’re trying to lip-sync.

lip-syncing reels isn’t easy at first, but follow these tips, and you’ll get better:

Practice with the music

Suppose you’re having trouble syncing your lips to the music; practice! Listen to the track a few times before recording so that you know exactly when the beat drops and can plan out your lip movements accordingly.

Record Songs separately

If you want to use multiple songs in your reel, record them separately and edit them together later. If you try to record them all in one go, it’s going to be very difficult to sync your lips up with each song.

Take the audio from another video or app

Use audio from another video or app. A great way of synching up your lips is by using audio from another video or app like TikTok. This way, you can plan out exactly when you say each word and make sure they match perfectly with the beat.

3. Too long Reels

You can only upload 15-second videos to Instagram Reels, but you can use up to 30 seconds of audio from a song or sound. If your video is longer than 15 seconds, it’ll still hit the News Feed, but viewers won’t be able to see all of it without tapping “View More.”

When you make videos longer than 15 seconds, you’re giving people an excuse not to watch them. They’ll click through and see what they’re missing, but they might not bother tapping the “View More” button.

In particular, if your video is heavily visual. You want people to watch your entire video so they can see everything you have to offer.

4. No safe zone

If you watch reels in the main feed, there is a safe area at the center of the screen where the video will be evident on both phones and desktops.

If you watch reels in full-screen mode, this safe area disappears, so make sure your text and critical scenes fit!

I recommend that you avoid too much text on the sides of your video. If you do go for it, try to keep it simple with one word or a few words.

Watching a reel in full-screen mode stretches the video edge-to-edge. So you don’t have to worry about making your video fit in the center safe area, but your text will need to fit there if you include it. I recommend keeping it simple and avoiding words on the sides of the screen.

5. Videos with TikTok watermarks

Videos with TikTok’s logo or the watermark of any other platform are a big turn-off. TikTok may be the most significant social network right now, but it doesn’t mean that you should use its logo in your Reels.

Instagram has its community, and they don’t even want to see content from other platforms. If they see something that looks like it comes from TikTok, they will ignore it.

Creators of reels avoid logos and watermarks rather than risk being regarded as copycats.

Your Instagram account must look professional at all times, and that includes all of your Reels. Using another platform’s logo will make your brand look amateurish and unprofessional.

Even non-TikTok logos will hurt your reach. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, confirmed this.

Before the conclusion, if you like this article and try to avoid these mistakes, you should probably be passionate about the Top Five Instagram Story Mistakes To Avoid.


It’s not the easiest thing to do to make a good Reel. Like all aspects of social media, it takes a while to get your groove unless you want to start making boring things that fit only the trends. But when done right, guess what? People will want to work with you because they love your reel, and they want you because of that.

If you avoid making these mistakes, you will have a reel ready to go. With no gimmicks and no watermarks, your Reel is going to have a much better chance of standing out among the crowd. Remember, being different can only help you. So make sure that your Reel stands out.

Let’s have a look at to

5 biggest mistakes on Instagram reels:

1. Late to trends

2. Lip-syncing is off

3. Too long reels

4. No safe zone

5. Tiktok watermarks

Follow this advice, and you’ll be on your way to making a better Reel. The key is self-discipline, staying consistent, and being open to feedback.

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