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6 Proven Ways To Make Money on Instagram

6 Proven Ways To Make Money on Instagram

Nowadays, everyone wants an immediate solution, and when it comes to making money on Instagram, you’re no different. This makes for a highly competitive environment and makes it hard to succeed if you don’t have the right Social Media Marketing Tools. But there’s something that can help you achieve your goals: here are 6 proven ways to make money on Instagram.

The Best Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Before diving into how to make money on Instagram, we assume that you have a loyal audience on Instagram and your followers count is more than 5 thousand. Well, if not, you can read our articles to build your network :

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Today, we will look at how you can make money with Instagram. There are many ways to make money on Instagram, but I only want to cover the legit ways that aren’t against Instagram’s Terms of Service.

1. Create an exclusive paid community

Creating an exclusive paid community for your fans is a great way to monetize your audience. Through Facebook groups, Slack groups, or even WhatsApp groups, you can do that. The idea is simple – create an engaging group where your fans can interact with each other and with you, and then offer them a membership fee to join the group.

Price : $10-$100 / monthly

Difficulty: Hard to create/ maintain

Example: King’s Marketing Group

2. Affiliate Programs

The Best Ways To Make Money On Instagram

You don’t have to create your products and services to make money on Instagram. Instead, you can promote other companies’ products and services via affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service, get paid by the company whenever someone buys based on your recommendation, and the company handles everything else: billing, order fulfillment, customer service, etc.

Instagram is the perfect platform for this kind of promotion because it allows you to show off products in creative ways that would be more difficult with other types of marketing.

Price: Make 15-30 % of every sale

Difficulty: The easiest way to make money

Example: Semrush Affiliate Program

3. Coaching

The most powerful way to sell on Instagram is through coaching. The sky is the limit; if you can help people make money, then the sky is the limit.

If you are an expert in a particular business niche or industry, you can charge people for advice on doing what you do.

Whether it’s cooking, fitness, or entrepreneurship, you can use your skills to help others. Thousands of people on Instagram right now could benefit from your help and would gladly pay for it.

Coaches can use Instagram in two ways:

1) Live sessions. You do a live video session where you give your audience some value, and then at the end of it, you let them know about your coaching service and how they can receive more information about your services.

2) One-on-one video chat. You let people know that they can directly message you if they are interested in your coaching services. This way, you can have a personal conversation with the person interested in your coaching service and explain to them what exactly it is that you offer and how much it costs.

Price: $50-$200 per hour

Difficulty: Medium Difficulty

Example: Social Media Marketing Coach msbritneym

4. Merchandise

make money on Instagram

Offer physical products that your target audience would use. Users can tap to shop from their favorite brands and influencers. When you have a large following or want to reach as many people as possible, this is the best option to increase brand awareness. You can sell everything from fashion, accessories, beauty products, and even food. Depending on the size of your audience, you could earn a nice income through this type of business model.

Price: $25-$50

Difficulty: Easy to Start, hard to scale

Example: sell clothing, accessories, etc

Break Time:

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5. Sell Digital Products

You can sell a digital product using Instagram content.

For example, if you own a Graphic Design business, you could showcase your work on Instagram and sell your design work on your website (or Etsy).

You could showcase your work on Instagram and sell stock photos if you’re a photographer.

You could showcase your workout routines on Instagram and sell fitness courses or meal plans if you’re a fitness trainer.

The best part about selling digital products is that it doesn’t cost money to launch. Writing an e-book costs absolutely nothing to create copies of the book and ship them out to customers. It’s all one click away.

Digital Product Ideas:

  • Online courses
  • Stock photography
  • Printables (planners, calendars, gift tags)

Price: $25-$3000

Difficulty: Easier than physical Products

Example: eBooks, courses, software

6. Sell services on Instagram

By doing things for clients, you help them reach their goals. Customers pay for that. The more you can do for them, the more value you provide.

Here are some service-based business models that can work well on Instagram:

Social media marketing/management (helping other businesses grow their following)

Online coaching/consulting (helping other businesses with their strategy)

SEO (helping businesses rank higher in Google)

A virtual assistant (doing tasks for other businesses)

Price: $1000- $5000 Monthly

Difficulty: Hard to start+ maintain

Example: Growth/content creation Service


Would you like to make money on Instagram? If so, here are 6 proven ways to make money on Instagram! These methods aren’t difficult to do, and you will be making money in no time!

  1. Create an exclusive paid community
  2. Affiliate Programs
  3. Coaching
  4. Merchandise
  5. Digital Products
  6. Sell services

We hope that you were able to get some value from this blog. Before we end up, we would like to say that if you have any more advice regarding making money by using Instagram, let us know in the comments section below.

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