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Instarazzo Referral Marketing Program

Instarazzo Affiliate Program provides the opportunity for internet-based people to refer our services to others and start earning money with us.
The purpose of the program is expanding our customers network with the help of our users. 

Our referral program is suitable for:

* Individuals who wish to refer us to their friends and family

* Bloggers and website owners

* Email Marketers

* Influencers on any Social Media Platform

Simply use your Dedicated Affiliate Link to refer us to others on your website, blog or Social Media profiles and encourage them to test our services for free.

Our support team will be happy to help you discover an optimized Referral Marketing strategy. So, do not hesitate to contact us for further consultations.

Instarazzo Referral Marketing Program

Commission Rate

Instarazzo offers a 10% Ongoing Commission for each transaction carried out by your referrals. The commission is ONGOING, meaning that the affiliate marketers receive the commission as long as their referrals make a payment on Instarazzo platform.

Affiliate, Instarazzo Referral Program
Affiliate, Instarazzo Referral Program

How to Cash Out the Earned Money

PayPal or Cryptos

PayPal or Cryptos

Request for a payment via PayPal or a Crypto Currency when your income reaches to €100.
Instarazzo Balance

Instarazzo Balance

Request to transfer your income to your Instarazzo balance & also get a +25% Additional Bonus.
+25% Added Value