Auto Direct Messages
Complete Guide

The best way to create individual engagements with your followers, is to contact them via Direct Messages.
With Instarazzo Auto Direct Messages service, you can automatically send DMs to New Followers, All Existing Followers, or a Custom List of users.

Find out more about Auto Direct Messages service features and benefits.

After signing up on Instarazzo, you will get 3 days free trial of this service. After the trial, you have to activate the service in order to continue using this service. Read more about Instarazzo Activation Methods.

In this guide, you will learn all about running your DM campaigns.

Step One

Step Two

While creating a campaign, after writing your message and including a photo:

If you check the “Custom Filter“, you will see the filtering options. Use these options wisely to send your DMs to those who are most interested. The provided filtering options are:

With “Direct” tab being selected, you will see 3 options under “+New Message” button. You will be able to see:

Sending an identical Direct Message to many users may be considered as spam, which may lead to blockage of sending DMs for a few hours. To tackle this issue, Instarazzo has made it possible for the users to write their DMs in Spintax format. So, do not forget to read our complete guide to Spintax format to make the most of it in writing your DMs.