How to Buy Instagram Likes and Video Views
on Instarazzo

The number of Likes or Views of each post represents its credibility, not only for users, but also for Instagram search engine. The higher the number of likes, the higher the chance of reaching the top position on Instagram search, which leads to more visibility.

With this service, you have the chance to bring Likes and Views from real users to your existing or future posts.

The 3-Day free trial does not include this service. So, you will need to top up your balance in order to be able to order. 

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In this guide, you will learn all about utilizing this service.

Step One

Step Two (A)

To buy likes/views for Existing Posts, with “New Order” tab being selected:

Step Two (B)

To buy likes/views for Future Posts, with “New Order” tab being selected:

– Number of Posts: 3
– Likes for Each Post: 150
The bot will automatically brings 150 likes for your 5 future posts in just a couple of minutes afte publication.



If your order status is “Pending”, please be patient until your order is delivered. If by any chance you do not receive your likes, the order gets cancelled automatically and the money will be returned on your balance.