Comments Manager
Complete Guide

Commenting is one of the two ways of creating engagements with other Instagrammers. Being able to manage all of the comments on a single dashboard, is a golden opportunity for those who care about their followers and their requests. Specially when you are using Instarazzo Growth Bot service, you will be dealing with a flux of comments which could be ignored due to high volume of notifications.

With Comments Manager service, you will have the opportunity to manage all of your incoming and outgoing comments on a single inbox.

To read more about this service benefits and features, read our dedicated page to Comments Manager service.

After signing up on Instarazzo, you will get 3 days free trial of this service. After the trial, you have to activate the service in order to continue using this service. Read more about Instarazzo Activation Methods.

In this guide, you will learn all about managing your comments from Instarazzo platform.

Select the “Comments” tab on your dashboard. You will see 5 other Tabs appearing: 



By checking the “Send comments to email” option, you will receive an email notification for each new comment received.

By selecting one of the mentioned tabs, you will find the related comments beneath. You can simply: