Instagram Growth Bot
& TikTok Bot
Complete Guide

When you add your first Instagram or TikTok account on Instarazzo, you will be redirected to your Growth Bot dashboard. You will see some predefined targets on your dashboard. You should consider adding at least 10 new targets related to your niche in order to get followers who are truly interested in your content.

Your success in growing on Instagram with this service is “Just a Matter of Choosing the Best Targets”.

Do not forget to read our Advices before getting started.

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Step One

Step Two

You will see some tabs which identify the type of your targets:

Type your desired Targets and click on “Add Promotion” button.



If you check Only Likers and Commenters, the bot interacts with users who have liked or commented on your target’s posts. You will engage with more active followers, but it also leads to an increase in the number of skipped activities.

Each of added Targets will be shown in an individual box on your dashboard. On this box, you are able to:



Number of Skipped accounts demonstrates the number of accounts which did not meet your filtering criteria on settings.


If you turn on The Simple Mode, you will be able to switch off/on each activity for all of your Targets with a single click.

The only way to find out whether your Targets are suitable or not, is checking the conversion rate of each. Conversion Rate demonstrates the Success Rate of the Target and it is calculated with the following formula:

When you add Targets, you should check their conversion rates after 2 or 3 days. If it is lower than 10%, replace them with new Targets. Keep doing this process until you have 15-20 good targets on your dashboard.



Based on our experience, if you add other users as targets, they are more efficient and gain higher conversion rates.
The higher the conversion rates, the more the number of gained followers.

Click on “Settings” button and you will find 5 tabs enabling you to customize the Growth Bot activities. These tabs are:

Each tab will be explained thoroughly in the following.



The Growth Bot performs activities according to the setting that you have set. Making these settings strict may lead to:
Increasing Targets conversion rates,
Increasing the number of skipped accounts,
& Decreasing the growth speed.

Actions Tab

In this tab, you are able to define the details of activities performed by the Growth Bot.

Activity Speed

Control the speed of the Growth Bot activities:


– Slow: Safe Speed – recommended to the beginners for at least 1 week
– Normal: Recommended speed for at least the first 3 months of use
– Fast: Although it is recommended that you keep using with the Normal speed, but you can change the speed to Fast if you have been using the Growth Bot for at least 3 months


  • It is strongly recommended that users start with the Slow speed and gradually change the speed to avoid any risks.
Night Pause

Check this item to let the bot stop its activities for a few hours after midnight. This will help to simulate real human behavior as people sleep at night.

Follow + Like

This item being checked, the Growth Bot both follows a user and likes some of that user’s posts. This makes the “Follow” action more efficient.

Comment+ Like

Accompany your comments with a few likes to draw more attention.

Min/Max Likes

Specify how many likes you would like to be left for each user.

Filters Tab

This tab contains the most important options which help you make your targeting more accurate & gain followers that match your interests. Keep in mind that setting strict filters leads to an increase in the number of Skipped accounts. Think about your marketing strategy and set the filters wisely.

Check Gender

Define to interact with males, females, or both. When this item is checked, you will also see “Use unknown gender”. By checking this option, the bot also interacts with those who have not specified their gender on Instagram.

Skip 10% accounts

This is to simulate real human behavior as normally people do not interact with every user that they see. If this item is checked, the bot randomly skips 10% of the accounts.

Media Age

This option helps you to interact with active followers. 

– Select 1 day (or any other duration) to interact with photos no older than 1 day.

– Select Newest to interact with the last published post, regardless of its age.

– Select Any to interact with one of the last 5 published posts randomly.

Skip used accounts

Check this item if you do not want to interact with the same users twice.

Skip private users

Check this item to avoid any interactions with private accounts.

Max followers

Interact only if the targeted account has followers no more than specified number. If your targeted accounts have many followers, you may not draw their attention with your activities since they get many notifications each day.

Max following

Interact only if the targeted account has no more than specified number of users followed. If the your targeted accounts have followed many users, they may also be using an automation tool. So the chances are low that they react.

Min posts

Interact with users with no less than the number of published posts you set. Users with few number of posts may not be very active on Instagram. Although, this is not necessarily true.

Skip business accounts

Check this item to avoid interacting with business accounts.

Skip accounts with a website

Check this item to avoid interacting with accounts including a link on their bio.

skip accounts with phone number

Check this item to avoid interacting with accounts including a phone number on their bio.

Select language

Interact with users who have written their bio in a certain language. You have to be cautious if you want to use this option, since many of Instagram users write their bio in English regardless of their native language.

Black list

Create this list to avoid interacting with them.

Stop words

To avoid interacting with users publishing contents that does not interest you, write some related words in this section. The bot does not interact with users writing any of those words on their bio.

Unfollow Tab

In this tab, you will find all the settings related to the Unfollow action.

Unfollow scheduling

Schedule the Unfollow process and the Growth Bot only unfollows at the specified time. Keep in mind that if you are utilizing this option, the Unfollow process will not start automatically when the number of users followed reaches to following threshold value.

Keep personal following

Check this item and the Growth Bot only unfollows users that have been followed by Instarazzo. You will keep your personal followings. However, it is recommended that you uncheck this option, instead, create a list of users that you want to keep following and enter them on your Whitelist.

Min following days

Give some time to the users that Instarazzo follows to follow you back. Set a value for this item, and the bot unfollows users no earlier than the specified time.

Following threshold & Unfollow number

Following Threshold: 5000

Unfollow number: 700

It means that when the number of users followed reaches to 5000, the bot automatically starts to unfollow 700 users. You can change these values as you wish.

Run promotions while unfollowing

Choose which actions to be performed while the bot is unfollowing. The bot is not able to Follow other users while it is unfollowing. 


Create a list of users that you do not want them to be unfollowed, and the bot will never unfollow them.

Comment Tab

In this tab, you can write your desired comments that will be posted on your Targeted audience photos. There are some predefined comments written in Spintax format. If you do not like them, please consider adding your own comments with the same format to avoid your comments to look like spam.

Read all you need to know about Spintax

Limits Tab

In this tab, you will be able to customize the daily and hourly limits for the actions. The predefined values are set in a way that your account is completely safe. So, if you wish to increase these limits, do it cautiously.

The answer to the question would be: By getting reports.

Method A



If you want to check whether the bot is working, get a report for Active targets for the last 1 hour. If the Coverage number is zero, and the account is not on the Night Pause, Please Contact our Support Team and report the problem.

Method B

To stop any of Instarazzo activities, you can turn off the desired service(s) anytime you like. Your paid days will be converted into money on your balance. Do as follows to turn off the bot:



You can use the returned money to pay for the desired services anytime needed.

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