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How to Fix Instagram Story Music not Working?

Instagram story music not working

We all know that Instagram stories are a great way to share our lives with our followers in general. One of the fantastic features of Stories is the Music Sticker. Yet, sometimes you may face problems using this amazing feature. Instagram story music not working is a common issue among many Instagrammers. It’s always unclear why this is happening, however, there are different solutions proven to solve this issue. In this article, we will discuss these solutions one by one and help you fix this error.

Fixing Instagram Story Music not Working

1) Check if Instagram servers are down

Sometimes the Instagram servers are down, and it may interfere with some of your activities, so you may receive errors or face limitations. The only solution is waiting. Yes, you have to wait until the issue has been solved. There is a website called “downdetector.” It allows you to determine whether the Instagram servers are down or not. Check out this webpage before trying out the below methods so you don’t waste time looking for fixing solutions.

2) Use a VPN

How to fix Instagram Music isn’t Available in Your Country?

How to fix Instagram Music isn't Available in Your Country

If you face the message “Instagram music isn’t available in your country” you need to use a VPN so that you will have access to that music. When you use a VPN, you are connecting with the IP of another country, and if the music is available in that country, your problem is solved. One of the best High-Speed VPN providers with various servers from diverse countries is NordVPN. If this is the issue, we recommend you start using NordVPN to tackle the issue right now.

There is another solution to fix this not being available in your country issue and that would be:

3) Make Your Stories with Another App

The error “Instagram music isn’t available in your country” can be solved in another way and that would be creating a video file containing your favorite song outside Instagram with a third party app and then post the video as your story.

Please read our dedicated blog about The Best Video Editing Apps for iOS & Android and check which App suits you best to create your video content.

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4) Take a look at your music streaming app 

If you face “No result found,” you can choose the music from any music streaming app you have and add it to your story. How? Open your music streaming app and select your desired song, select “share” or any icon that represents “share” and then tap “Instagram stories.” The music must be added to your story, and the problem should be fixed.

5) Update Instagram

When you don’t update an app on your phone, it causes lots of problems over time, including failure to open the app or losing the opportunity to make the most of the available features on the app; the same is true for Instagram. If you want to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of Instagram, search for it on Google Play for Android or the App Store for iPhone. Press “update” if a new version is available; if not, look for other ways to fix the problem.

6) Switch to a personal account if you have a business account 

If you have lately switched your account to a business account, this might be the source of Instagram story music not working. Once the source becomes clear, you need to take the following steps to switch back to a personal account:
– Go to your profile
– Press the three lines on the top right corner
– Tap on “settings” and then “accounts
– Choose “Switch to a personal account.”
– Finally, log out and then log in again. Make sure you remember your credentials. 

7) Switch to a creator account

This is another piece of advice that will come handy. Follow the next steps:
– Go to your profile
– Press the three lines on the top right corner
– Tap “settings,” and then “accounts,”
– Choose “switch to creator account.”

Be noted that you may have to wait for a few days for Instagram to proceed with your request.

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8) Delete Instagram and reinstall it

This technique may be practical as well. First, delete the app and then reinstall it from the Play Store if you have an Android device or from the App Store if you have an iPhone.

9) Log out and then log back in

There is a chance to solve the problem if you log out and then log back in. Tap the three lines on the top right corner, go to “settings,” tap “log out,” and then log in again after a while. This strategy may benefit you as it has been to many people.

10) Use a Proper internet connection

How to Fix Instagram story music not working

It goes without saying that a Strong internet connection always plays a big part in social media. Check the quality of your internet connection, then try to change it if you have a poor connection.

11) Report the issue

If you have tried all possible ways, but the problem still exists, it is worth sharing your situation with Instagram and asking operators to help you. To report the issue, follow these steps. Tap your profile, tap the three lines in the top right corner, choose “settings,” choose “help,” and then tap “report a problem.” Be patient because it might take a while to receive an answer.


Instagram has provided users with many popular features and has been improving them since the first time it was introduced. One of these features is adding music to the stories. Although adding music to your content is ideal, there are situations when you won’t be able to do so. This is unfortunate, but the good news is that various solutions are available. Just look at the below items to get familiar with solutions.

How to fix Instagram story music not working

1) Check if Instagram servers are down

2) Use VPN

3) Make a video file

4) Take a look at your music streaming app

5) Update Instagram

6) Switch to a personal account if you have a business account

7) Switch to a creator account

8) Delete Instagram and reinstall 

9) Log out and then log back in

10) Use Proper internet connection

11) Report the issue

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