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How to get more followers on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram growth, things are not as easy as they were 1 or 2 years ago. As an essential Social Media Platform with over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is a competitive platform for those who want to grow their accounts and gain real and active followers. In many countries, Instagram has become an essential marketplace for all kinds of products and services. So, if you have your own business on Instagram, or you are thinking about it, and you want to generate more leads, or you want to become famous by promoting your content, stay with us with the rest of the article. We will give you the best tips in 2019, which leads to gaining more and more real followers.

If you want to promote your brand on Instagram, you should consider fulfilling the following tips, which are divided into two main categories:

  • Content-oriented tips
  • Activity-oriented tips

Content-oriented Tips

Content-oriented tips are those tips that lead to 3 outstanding achievements:

  • Improving the quality of your page content
  • Making a good impression on your profile visitors
  • Gaining more visibility on Instagram search

Here, we have gathered essential content-oriented tips that help you have more followers on Instagram:

1- Complete Your Bio

First of all, it is about your bio. What you write on your bio is the first thing your visitors see when they visit your page. So, complete your biography and introduce yourself or your brand.

As you may know, you can include a link in your bio as well. Please make the most of it. If you own a website, blog, or a well-promoted account on another social media platform, insert its link here. It is also a good idea to change this link every 2 or 3 weeks so that you can drive traffic to your recent and most popular content.

3- Consider a Theme For Your Content

Define a theme for your content to improve your page aesthetically and develop your style on Instagram. Using a harmonic color theme for your content makes your profile eye-catching.

4- Utilize Photo Editing Tools

Utilize photo-editing applications to make your photos more appealing. If you prefer editing your pictures via your phone, you can utilize Instagram photo editing options. Lightroom is a more professional application for your phone if you are looking for one.
If you are a professional photographer, Camera RAW and Lightroom are your best choices to edit your photos. However, you should spend some time learning how to work with them. Especially for those who take their pictures with a DSLR camera with the RAW format.

5- Tell Your Story on the Caption

Do not forget to write a proper caption for your posts. Get as more descriptive as you can. Asking a question in the captions has proven a good strategy to engage with your followers.

6- Add a Location For Each Post

Do not forget to add a location for your posts, especially if you want to gain followers from a specific location. Get local.

7- Do not Forget Hashtags

You may know that you can use 30 hashtags on each of your posts. So, why not use this option to make your content more viral on Instagram search. For each post, use a combination of relevant hashtags and popular trending hashtags. It is also advisable to promote your dedicated hashtag. The one which is specifically for your brand. For Instance, you can search our hashtag on Instagram and see what you can find: #instarazzo

Activity-oriented Tips

Fulfilling the content-oriented tips is like building a good foundation. Now you have the base to start promoting your account. This is when you should consider doing the Activity-oriented tips.

These tips are mainly about your Engagement on Instagram: The most important factor in gaining new, genuine and active followers.

1- Post Regularly

You do not need to publish many posts each day which is annoying. Posting 1 photo each day would be a great idea to keep your followers updated.

2- Share Your Posts on Your Stories

Instagram has added the option to publish your posts as a story. Use it to get engaged more and more.

3- Post at the Right Time

Examine your followers and check when the best time is to publish your posts. For Instance, if you post at 5 A.M, you may get far fewer likes and views than when you do them at 5 P.M. We have written a dedicated article about this tip. You can read it here.

4- Interact with Instagrammers other than Your Followers

Interact with users other than your followers. Like their photos, comment on their posts, see their stories and follow them. Do these actions hundreds of times each day. They will reciprocate by liking and commenting on your posts. More importantly, they will check your page and choose to follow you if they want your content.

5- Engage with Your New Followers Directly

Engage with your new followers by sending Direct Messages to them. Introduce yourself or your business on Instagram. Get in touch with them and make them curious about you. When you talk to someone individually, they will remember you even if it is just 4 or 5 messages.

6- Respond to Comments

Commenting is an excellent way to create an engagement with your followers. Especially when your followers comment on your photos, it is advisable not to forget to respond to them. Remember, your growth on Instagram is all about engagement.

7- Ask for shoutouts

This is one of the most effective methods used by many influencers to increase their number of followers on Instagram. We have a dedicated article regarding Shoutouts on Instagram. You can find this article here.

Fulfilling the activity-oriented tips takes time. Remember to prepare a post every day, publish them at the right time, perform hundreds of activities on other users considering Instagram’s hourly and daily limits, send direct messages to your followers, respond to comments, and not miss a single one of them!!! Yes, it is hard. Well, I guess you can’t have the sweet without the sour.

Using good Instagram Automation Tools can facilitate your way of growing on Instagram. Using Instagram Automation Tools, you can fulfill your activity-oriented tips as easily as it gets. Here are all the automation tools that you might need when it comes to Instagram growth:

Instagram Growth Bot:

Interact with Instagrammers other than your followers. Automatically Like, Comment, Follow, Unfollow, View stories. Gain more visibility and engage with more people. They will check your profile and follow your page if they like your content.

Automated Direct Messages:

You can engage with your followers as soon as they choose to follow you. You can also send Mass Direct Messages to all of your followers.

Instagram Post-Scheduler:

Schedule your future posts to be published regularly at the right time and date to gain more visibility. You can keep your followers updated and gain more visibility for your posts at the same time.

Instagram Comments Manager:

Manage all of your comments on a single dashboard. Never miss a single statement.

Instarazzo offers the complete Instagram Marketing Tools available on the internet. We would be happy to provide our customers with three days free trial with no payment obligation. Test our services for free, and then decide whether our services fit your needs.

Let us handle most of your activity-oriented needs and put your energy into creating valuable content.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram (Summary)

To get more followers on Instagram, the following tips are recommended:

Tips regarding your content on Instagram:

  1. Complete your Bio
  2. Take advantage of your bio Link
  3. Consider a theme for your content
  4. Utilize photo editing tools
  5. Tell your story on the caption
  6. Add a location for each post
  7. Do not forget hashtags

Tips regarding your activities on Instagram:

  1. Post frequently
  2. Share your posts on your stories
  3. Post at the right time
  4. Interact with Instagrammers other than your followers
  5. Engage with your new followers directly
  6. Respond comments
  7. Ask for shoutouts

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