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How to Go Viral on TikTok

How to go viral on TikTok

As time passes, using social media and creating videos with various concepts from dancing, hilarious performances, narrating stories to teaching new things grows among people. Nevertheless, only a few videos become famous and go viral on TikTok. 

TikTok is a popular app that has opened the door to becoming renowned in social media, and it has captured people’s attention recently. It is not that easy for some users to get on the “for you page” and go viral on TikTok. Has your mind been lately occupied by this question, “how to go viral on TikTok?” Here are some tips that may help you to reach an effective solution.

1) Eye-catching beginning 

An imposing start convinces people to watch the video until the end; therefore, the video may go viral. If you fail to catch viewers’ attention in the first seconds probably, they will scroll down the video. 

2) Create short videos

Videos that last more than a minute are obstacles to going viral. Before generating a video, think about people’s tendency towards watching short videos. You need to make the video as brief as possible, but consider that time limitations may lead to low-quality video production. Be careful to make a short and appealing video; it appears frustrating, but remember, practice makes perfect. You can make a series of videos that are impossible to shorten somehow; it is advantageous as it tempts people to watch the following parts. Also, you don’t have to eliminate the lovely details of your videos to make them shorter.

3) Hashtags to Go Viral on TikTok

Hashtag challenge

People search their favorite videos with the help of hashtags, so using hashtags is a crucial component to increase the chance to go viral. It is better to find popular hashtags related to your content to get the most views: the more suitable hashtags, the more opportunity to go viral. 

4) Escalate the number of comments

As the number of comments increases, so does the chance of going viral. Ponder on inventive ways to get more and more comments. There are many tricks that you can enhance the number of comments; based on the concept of your video, find the most inspiring ones. For example, ask viewers to comment about related experiences, interests, and ideas. Ask them questions that provoke them to answer, do something creative that they have no choice but to leave a comment. Make them remark whether they want to watch more videos on the same topic or not.

Creating content that makes people give their opinion about a specific activity or choose their favorite item between two or more options is a clever trick to get comments. When they discuss their choices and preferences and rely on each other’s words, you move towards going viral. There is another minor point left, reply to comments you get, so you encourage people to follow you and comment on your following videos.

5) The Miracle of Music

how to make your video go viral on TikTok

Do not underestimate the power of using tuneful and melodic music. Adding music in your video seems to be a slight change; however, sometimes, the impact on the final result is enormous. Also, using trend music is favorable but remember, do not use them frequently since overhearing a piece of music on social media may be boring for some people.

6) Interact With other Influencers

You can create content in cooperation with another video creator on TikTok; in this way, the influencer’s fans will watch your video, and that’s it; you get more views than before. Moreover, you can comment on influencers’ videos to get the same in return, or other people will recognize you by seeing your comment. There is a strong likelihood of getting known by people in both ways.

7) Seek Trends

Trend contents are the most popular and searched ones, so they can give you valuable clues to select a topic, music, or whatever you want. With the aid of these contents and producing your video, you may go viral, and your video will be among the most widespread ones. Now the question is how to find trends? You can easily find the answer on TikTok’s discover page.

8) Texts are Helpful

You can include a text to your video; using a caption at the outset of the video is an incentive way to make people dedicate time to watch it, which boosts the possibility to watch the video to the end. Remember, the text shouldn’t be too long; otherwise, people will scroll down, the caption needs to be brief and fascinating, and it should be written in a way that makes people eager to watch the rest of the video.

9) Identify the Right Time for Posting a New Video

go viral on TikTok

Don’t stop making videos. Once your video goes viral, to maintain this success, you need to post more videos to drag more and more attention gradually. If your video has recently gone viral, it is a fantastic opportunity to make the second video and get more views. Gaining numerous views for your last video encourages people to watch your new video as they think it might be as significant as the last one. But there is an alert, pay attention to the fact that if you stay away from TikTok for a while after posting a video, it introduces your video to more people, so you get more views, which encourages you to come back make new videos. It means you need to find out the best time to post the new video; it should be neither too soon nor too late.

Ways to Go Viral on TikTok

TikTok, a relatively new video-sharing Social Media, has drawn the attention of various people around the world. As many users try to get famous on TikTok by sharing their feed, only a tiny percentage reach this goal as soon as one of their videos goes viral. Although creativity is the critical factor to achieving this end, we have gathered nine essential tips that help you facilitate the process. Make sure to follow them as far as you can & learn how to make your video go viral on TikTok & Get TikTok Famous Fast:

1) Eye-catching beginning 

2) Create short videos

3) Hashtags Are the key

4) Escalate the number of comments

5) The miracle of music

6) Interact with other influencers

7) Seek trends

8) Texts are helpful

9) Identify the right time for posting a new video

How helpful did you find this article? Let me know in the comments below. Wish you all luck.

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