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How to Hide my Subscribers on YouTube

How to Hide my Subscribers on YouTube

Currently, people mostly love to watch videos on YouTube, which has become one of the most popular video-sharing sites. In addition, millions of people use YouTube to share videos every year. You will have difficulty gaining subscribers if you start sharing videos on YouTube, and a low subscriber count will negatively affect your audience’s response. If you’re seeking a better journey forward, you’ll want to tackle the question of how to hide my subscribers on YouTube. You may, however, wish to hide your subscriber count for a variety of reasons, such as if you have a large number of subscribers, etc.

If you don’t know how to do that, don’t skip any point and keep following. YouTube offers users the option to hide their subscribers quickly. Find out how you can hide your YouTube subscribers in this article.

It is possible to make your subscribed channels private or public. The default setting is private. 

  • Private: Subscriptions set to private will not be visible to other users. Despite being a subscriber, your account does not appear in the Subscribers List.
    You will be publicly identified as a subscriber to the channel if you participate in a subscriber-only live chat.
  • Public: Subscriptions set to public are viewable to other users. A list of your subscriptions appears on your channel home page. Your account appears in the Subscribers List if you subscribe to a channel. 

How to hide YouTube subscribers on a PC

1.   Go to YouTube and click on your profile picture on the top right corner, then click on YouTube Studio

2.   On the left sidebar click on Settings

how to hide your YouTube subscribers

3.   on the left sidebar of the pop-up men, click on Channel

4.   Click on the “Advanced Settings” tab.

5.   Scroll down to find the Subscriber Count Section. Remove the checkmark from the box that displays the number of subscribers.

6.   Don’t forget to save the changes made

how to hide my subscribers on youtube on android phone

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How to hide YouTube subscribers on a mobile device

The subscriber count for your channel can be difficult to hide on a mobile device, like Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

We have your back if you wonder how to hide subscribers on YouTube using mobile since the official YouTube studio app doesn’t support this option. Please follow these steps carefully without skipping a step.

1.   To access YouTube from your mobile phone, open your browser and enter “YouTube” into the search bar. Using, you can access YouTube studio.

2. You’ll see three dots in the upper right corner; click on them. Click “change to desktop mode” at the bottom of the page. A desktop version of the studio will appear.

3.   You will be able to hide subscribers with a PC once you have seen YouTube Studio’s desktop version.

4.   The menu will be in the left-hand corner. Choose settings and follow the steps above for desktop mode.

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