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How to Save a Youtube Video to Camera Roll

How to save a YouTube video to camera roll

You can watch YouTube videos using your computer as well as your phone. You can use a YouTube video downloader to save videos directly to your computer when you want to keep them. If you are using a phone, do you know how to save a YouTube video to camera roll? Here’s how.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

You must install Documents by Readdle on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to save YouTube videos to the Camera Roll for offline viewing. Unlike regular iOS web browser apps, this app comes with a built-in web browser that can save videos to your device.

1.  Download, install and open Documents by Readdle.

2. Tap the Compass icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to open the browser inside the App.

3. Type and then press enter.

4. Copy and Paste the YouTube Video Link on the specified bar. Y2Mate automatically searches for the link and provides you with various Video or Audio Files with different qualities.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

5. Tap the Convert Button next to the desired .mp4 or .mp3 file.

6. Tap on the Download button.

7. Change the name of the file if you want. Choose “My Files/Downloads” as the direction for “Save to:” section.

8. Tap on “Done“.

How to Download YouTube Videos on android

Note: The task must be performed within the app. During this process, do not exit the app.

Note: Please only use the green download buttons. If you see any other link or graphic on this page that says “Download,” it is probably an ad trying to trick you. You could download malware on your device or have your personal information stolen if you interact with these ads.

Now the file is saved within the Documents app. To transfer it to your Camera Roll, follow the steps below:

9.  In the lower-left corner, tap the “Folder Icon” & then tap on “Downloads” folder.

10.  Your downloaded Video/Audio should appear. When it is done downloading, tap the three dots (…) under it.

13.  Select Copy.

14.  Select Photos. Documents by Readdle will ask you for access to your device’s Photos. Allow access.

15.  Click Copy and you are done. The Video file is now available on your Camera Roll.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android

To save YouTube videos to your Gallery on your Android phone, you do not need to install a third-party app. With Chrome on your Android device, you can easily download YouTube videos online like this:

1.  Go to the Chrome browser.

2.  Open Y2Mate

3. Search and find the YouTube videos you want to download.

4. Tap the Download button under the video after selecting the YouTube video you need.

5. Additionally, a new web browser window will appear with different video resolutions. Then, select the resolution you want and click the corresponding download button.

6. To download the video, tap the three-dot in the lower-right corner.

7. Locate the YouTube video in the File Go app.

8.  Tap Download to save it to Gallery.

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