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How to view Instagram Stories Anonymously

How to view Instagram Stories Anonymously

When someone posts a story on Instagram, the app provides the user with a list of people who viewed the story; however, there are occasions when you need to spy on a story and don’t want your account to appear in the list. Your intention can be anything; you may want to know about your ex or crush. Moreover, as a marketer, perhaps you might want to gather information about an influencer with whom you want to collaborate, or you might need to learn more about other firms’ secrets to success.

So, if you are seeking some tricks to watch a story on the sly, here is the right place; keep reading, and you will learn How to view Instagram Stories Anonymously. But before reading, I should warn you that some of the below tricks only works when the target account isn’t private or personal; you need to follow it.

How to anonymously view Instagram Stories

1) Put your phone on airplane mode

If you put your device on airplane mode, you will be able to sneakily watch a story because you aren’t connected to the internet anymore.

To do so, first, open Instagram to allow the story to load, then turn on airplane mode, then return to Instagram, tap the profile, and watch the story, then close Instagram and turn off airplane mode. Unfortunately, this method has a drawback: you can only watch the first one if the account’s owner has posted multiple stories.

2) Swiping method

To put this strategy to the test, follow the instructions below.

First, identify the target profile and tap on a profile adjacent to it. Next, pause the story by pressing and holding your finger on the screen, then gently swipe to the right or left depending on where the target profile is located.

It is important not to rush the process; swipe halfway but not all the way through. You can only watch the first story, like with the prior approach. However, this strategy has other drawbacks, including the inability to watch videos and, most importantly, the risk of accidentally swiping entirely, allowing the user to know that you have watched it.

3) Use apps and sites

Using apps and sites is the simplest way to see someone’s story without them knowing. Some different apps and sites allow you to view or download stories secretly.

Just by a simple search on the internet and Google Play, you can access plenty of them. But there is a recommendation here, if you have an Android device, you can download the Story Saver app, and if you have an iPhone, you may download the Story Reposter app. If you want to use websites, be cautious as some of them may be unreliable.

Some of the popular s to view Instagram stories are:

1. Storiesdown

How to anonymously view Instagram Stories


How to view Instagram Stories Anonymously


4) Block and then Unblock

In this method, you watch the target story as if it were a friend’s story. After you have finished watching, tap the profile and then the three dots in the upper right corner of the account to block it. If you block an account, you won’t be on the list of people who have viewed the story.

After 24 hours, when the story is no longer available, you can unblock the account, and the user will never find out you have done this.

5) View the story when it is about to be unavailable

First, you should detect when the user posted the story so that you can calculate the right time (the last minutes the story is available) to watch it. How do you figure out when someone posted the story?

Can you remember the second method? You can see how many hours have passed since the story was uploaded by half swiping. Then the next step is clear now, isn’t it? You wait until the right time and watch the story. This strategy reduces the chance of being seen by the user in the list of story viewers since many users don’t care who watched the story when it is about to become inaccessible.

6) Ask a friend for Help 

If you have trustable friends, you can ask them a favor. Tell them that it isn’t possible for you to watch the story and you don’t know the exact reason (however, if your friends are highly trustable, you can tell them the same reason). Then ask them if they can watch it and take a screenshot for you if it was a photo or use a screen recorder if it was a video, or if they can simply tell you about it without taking screenshots or using screen recorders. Also, you can ask them to send the story to your direct message so that you can watch the thumbnail, but remember not to click on it.

7) Create another account

One of the best methods is to make another page. In this way, you don’t face the limitations you may do in other methods; the only thing is that if the account is private, they should accept your request, then you can watch stories whenever you want. This new account shouldn’t reveal your real identity.

8) Disable your account temporarily

In this method, you watch the story, then deactivate your account so that you won’t appear in the viewers’ list, and then 24 hours later, you can log in to your account when the story isn’t accessible anymore.

This method might be overwhelming if you use it repeatedly, and it isn’t helpful if you frequently want to watch someone’s story without them knowing about it. 

In summary

As soon as you view a story on Instagram, the owner of that account will know that you saw the story. Sometimes you don’t want the owner to notice that you have watched the story for many reasons. Here we would like to suggest to you some practical techniques.

How to view Instagram Stories Anonymously:

1) Put your phone on airplane mode

2) Swiping method

3) Use apps and sites

4) Block and then unblock

5) View the story when it is about to be unavailable

6) Ask a friend for help 

7) Create another account

8) disable your account temporarily

To make the best decision, consider each technique’s pros and cons, and remember some of the methods come with the risk of being reported as the one who watched the story. 

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