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Instagram Story Ideas That Actually Work

Instagram Story Ideas

The Instagram stories feature our day-to-day lives. That includes what you’re having for breakfast, the workout routine that gets you super fit and hot, and also your travel around the world to see the numerous museums built over the centuries. If you’ve seen them, I’m sure you are like most people who love ordinary people showcasing their day-to-day activities on Instagram stories. Very few people are using stories the right way. So, it’s time to stop using stories to re-share our posts and put some strategy behind them.

Instagram Story Ideas for everyone

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms for building brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and increasing sales. It’s a place where you can visually convey your brand message and connect with your customers in a fun and interactive way.

As an Instagram marketer, it’s essential to understand how to best use the platform for your business needs. With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, it’s clear that brands are using the platform to gain new customers, build meaningful relationships with their audience and convert them into loyal customers. 

But before you set out to create content on Instagram, you need to know why you’re doing it. What are your goals? Once you’ve established your goals, you can align them with specific content types and start creating Instagram stories that will drive results. Here are five main reasons why brands choose to use Instagram stories:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Engage with current followers in a genuine way
  • Grow your reach on the platform
  • Increase website traffic and conversions (sales)
  • Collect user-generated content (UGC)

It would be best to consider using different stories for different goals such as Fun or casual, Networking, Industry, and Sales topics. Let’s give you some ideas for each category: 

1- Fun or Casual Topics

cute Instagram story ideas

Fun and Casual topics are excellent for building a community and making a solid connection with your followers. Here are some ideas to create Fun and Casual stories:

Host Q&As with your customers – Ask them to submit questions via email, DM, or comments on a post. Answer their questions LIVE in a story.

Ask for feedback: 

What do your customers want to see more from you? What do they love?

Share your day-to-day life – Your hobbies, favorite books, movies, travel destinations, etc.

Go behind the scenes:

 Showcase the people and processes that go into making your product or service.

Connect with other accounts through collaborative stories (i.e., share each other’s stories).

Interview your team members:

 Have them share the craziest thing at work or their favorite part about being on the team. 

Promote UGC (user-generated content) by sharing photos or videos of people using your product or service.

Here are some excellent examples of Fun and Casual Instagram Story Ideas:

“If I had to describe my dream job, it would be ______. How about you?”

“Do you start your day with coffee or tea?”

“Any recommendations on a new show on Netflix?”

2- Networking Topics

Networking topics are perfect for exposing yourself to other accounts and generating more traffic to your page. Here are some examples:

“I was just listening to a new episode of the ……. podcast by @(the podcast host).”

“I’m so excited to see @(account/group) is doing a workshop on …..”

“Are you going to @(business/event) next week? I’m going to be there!”

“Checking out the new ……. book by @(author) at the library. It’s a must-read!”

“Do you have a business partner? Mine is @(your business partner). Who’s yours?” Include a Q&A Sticker.

“If I could interview anyone, it would probably be @(TheOne). Because _____.” Tag the account.

3- Industry Topics

Industry topics are great ways to share tips and knowledge that your audience will remember. Here are some examples: 

“Here’s one business tool that I use every day… Do you have one too?” Include a poll Sticker.

“Have you heard about this brand new Trend? It was just announced that _____. Did you know this?”

You can also answer questions from your followers. Ask them to send you their burning questions about your field via direct message or through Instagram Stories and then dedicate a post to answering them live.

Followers love to get an inside look at your life. This is especially true if you’re a personal brand. Give followers a glimpse into your everyday routine, whether it’s getting ready in the morning or prepping for an event. If you work with a team, it’s fun to show how everyone works together. Or, highlight a day in the life of various team members with the Question Sticker.

4- Instagram Story Sales Topics

Instagram Story Sales Topics

Instagram Stories are where sales happen. Just keep in mind not to overuse these kinds of stories. Here are some excellent examples of Stories with sales topics:

“I’d like to share a recent case study of my customers ….. Any questions? DM me.”

“Check out this newly arrived product at my store! I know you will love it too.”

“Peek inside our office and get a first-hand experience of how we work.”

“We’ve got a special discount for our Instagram followers. Come and get it before it ends!”

Whichever way you choose to use Instagram Stories, make sure not to overuse them in one day. The optimal number is up to 3-5 Stories per day; otherwise, people will get tired of seeing your brand in their feed constantly and maybe even block you.

We have also provided you with a comprehensive blog about how to view Instagram stories anonymously.

To Wrap Up: 

What’s the best way to stand out with an Instagram Story? You’ve probably asked yourself this question a million times if you’re looking to create interesting Instagram content. Well, in this article, we have looked at four practical topics that you can share on your personal or business Instagram Story. These topics are:

– Fun or Casual Topics

– Networking Topics

– Industry Topics

– Instagram Story Sales Topics

What do you think about these topics? Did you already know about them? Have you ever used these kinds of topics in your stories? How was the outcome? Don’t forget to share your thought in the comments below.

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