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5 Instagram Story Mistakes To Avoid

Instagram Story Mistakes to avoid

Can you tell me the biggest Instagram Story mistakes you’re making that you are unaware of? I’ve been doing a lot of research comparing the top-performing Instagram accounts to average (10K – 100k followers) and micro-influencers (less than 10K followers) and have found some interesting insights. In this article, I want to share those insights with you by breaking down the top five Instagram Story mistakes to avoid.

A brain dump about the most common Instagram story mistakes

You’ve been doing great on Instagram – getting loads of likes and comments – but your story updates aren’t getting much love.

What could be going wrong? Are you making one of the top five Instagram Story mistakes? After so much hard work on your photos, you deserve to know.

Find out now by reading our quick-start guide Top Five Instagram Story Mistakes To Avoid. It covers everything from captions and wrong sticker locations to heavy texts in an easily digestible format, so you can start posting better content right away!

1. Bad Sticker Places

There’s no problem with using stickers, but you should be careful about where you place them. When putting a sticker in your Story, do not put it where the username and story duration bar goes. Please do not put it where it interferes with the send message box. And don’t put it where users place their thumb(it’s just above the send area).

Another mistake people make is using too many stickers on one image or video. If you use more than three stickers per image or video, people will get sticker fatigue, which means they won’t even look at your stickers because they’ll be too busy focusing on everything else in the Story.

Instagram offers a wide variety of stickers in different sizes. Place your stickers according to your Story’s elements.

For example, if you have a sticker covering part of the text of another sticker, no one will be able to read it correctly! The same goes for emojis. People won’t know what it says if you use a big emoji over your text!

2. Boring re-shares

Re-sharing your stories without engaging stickers or adding context can drop your views rapidly. You’ll also be boring the pants off everyone who watches them!

Remember, Stories are not just a place to re-share all of your posts. Viewers can already see your posts in their feed, so they don’t need to watch your Story as well.

To make sure that people continue watching your Stories, add engaging content like polls, questions, and gifs that encourage interaction from your audience.

3. Make eye Contact with Your Audience

most common Instagram story mistakes

The next time you are on Instagram, go to a famous profile of someone who has posted multiple images in the last hour. Please pay attention to whether they have a human face looking at the camera, or the person is looking away from the camera.

You’ll probably notice that most pictures have eye contact with the camera.

I see this mistake in my feed constantly.

When people post a picture with their eyes looking away from the camera, it doesn’t feel as engaging. And therefore, it’s harder for that picture to get attention.

The same applies to videos on Instagram stories. People always respond better to stories with human eye contact. Even if you’re not talking about your Story, having eye contact will make it much more engaging and personal for your audience.

People always respond better to stories with human eye contact.

In addition to feeling connected to you, eye contact makes people feel like they’re being directly spoken to. To achieve this in your Instagram story, look at the camera and not the screen; it will make a difference!

4. Not writing captions

People make a common mistake in underestimating how essential captions are for Instagram Stories.

Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon for someone to watch a story without sound. Whether they’re in an environment where they’re not allowed to have the sound on or prefer not to have the sound on in general, you can’t expect everyone to hear your message.

If you don’t use captions, you’re missing out on the opportunity to get your message across no matter what environment the person watching your content is in.

5. Heavy Text

It’s easy to overdo it with Instagram stories. The best way to avoid this is by spreading your message across several stories rather than cramming it all into one.

The heavy text could be overwhelming for your audience and could even lead to people skipping your Story altogether.

Here are some ways you can make sure you’re not overdoing it with your text:

Write out what you want to say and break it into smaller pieces. Having one long post can be intimidating, especially if you’re posting multiple times in a row. By breaking your message up into smaller chunks, you can make sure that you’re delivering information in a way that’s easier for people to process.

Use symbols like line breaks and arrows to organize your thoughts. If you have a longer post that needs multiple lines of text but doesn’t want to break it up into too many segments, use line breaks, and arrows to organize your post so that everything flows better.

Before the conclusion, if you like this article and try to avoid these mistakes, you should probably be passionate about the 5 Biggest Mistakes In Instagram Reels.


Keep this list in mind to ensure that you post a quality Instagram story every time. If you do, you’ll have the opportunity to build community and tell compelling stories with your audience. And once you start creating better posts, keep your consistency up by posting daily.

let’s review them again,

Top Five Instagram Story Mistakes:

  1. Bad Sticker Places
  2. Boring re-shares
  3. Not being Human
  4. No captions
  5. Heavy Text

And there you have it, folks—the most common Instagram story mistakes in one spot. Hopefully, at least one of these errors will come as a surprise to you when you re-evaluate your strategy and realize that it may be time for a change. After all, if your plan ends up having multiple errors, it may be time to ditch the idea altogether. Otherwise, check out the points we raised, make any adjustments as needed, and then get back to creating great Instagram stories for your followers.     

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