Instarazzo Proxy Guide

All you need to know about proxy settings on Instarazzo.
Take advantage of 4 solutions provided to improve the efficiency of
Instarazzo Instagram Growth Bot service.

Popular social networks do not like bulk activities. In 2017, Instagram started to counter all the automation apps that perform mass activities on behalf of users. That’s why Instagram tries to stop automated activities based on the IP address for each account. They do not block the account, but the IP address that generates suspicious activities. Therefore, Instarazzo has provided its customers with 4 solutions.
Keep in mind that firstly, you have to add your Instagram account on our website and then proceed to use one of the following methods.

1- Instarazzo Social Bridge Android App (The best solution on the market)
2- Instarazzo Local Proxy App (The best solution for PC users)

3- Purchase of a Dedicated Proxy (The best solution for users with any device)
4- Assigning a Free Proxy



To get the best performance on Instarazzo, we recommend using one of the first two solutions.


Please note that you must use only one of these methods. If you assign a proxy to your account and use the local Proxy app at the same time, the application will not be able to route tasks from your computer. Assigned proxies maintain a higher priority than using the local Proxy app.

This solution is ONLY for Android users. An emulator application that takes control of your official Instagram app by emulating real person behavior, automating actions such as Likes, Comments, Follow/Unfollow cycles.
Set up the promotion using our website and then use this app to run the automation.

Currently, this solution is the best and most effective on the market to avoid all possible action blocks. Why?

Your Own IP Address

IP address of you Instagram account will remain unchanged, meaning less possibility of getting action blocks.

No Relogin Needed

You will never receive notifications about suspicious logins or usage of third-party services.

Promotion Automation

Our App will do all automation on behalf of your account right on your phone using official Instagram app.

Follow these simple steps to install and use Social Bridge Android App on your phone for free:

Download the latest version of our Android App.

First you need to give rights to disable “Battery Optimization.”

Then give permission to perform automatic actions from your device; then, you will see a screen to connect your Instarazzo account.

Return to your Instarazzo dashboard. Inside the “Promotion” tab click on the “Connect this account” button.

Copy your unique code and use it to synchronize our Android app with the website

In the “Promotion” tab, click on the “+ new promo” button and add several promos to work.
To read more about adding & managing targets, you can READ HERE!

After successful synchronization, our app will find tasks to be done on your targeted audience.

Open the app after a few hours and click on the Play icon to start the automation.



As for the limits of Instagram, you can connect to 5 accounts per IP. So, if you have added more than 5 accounts to Instarazzo, please consider using the last 2 solutions explained on this page.


Do not use your phone while the application is doing automation. If you receive an incoming call or try to use your phone at the same time, the automation stops and you need to resume it.


Make sure to set the language of your Instagram application to English.

This solution is ONLY for PC users. Our technical team has worked for several months to develop a unique application that allows our customers to use their IP address as a proxy to work with our platform.
While your account is connected to Instarazzo and you have not set up a proxy on your account, you can simply run our application on your computer and act as a local proxy for all interactions performed by our Bot.

Follow these 3 simple steps to install and use Instarazzo Local Proxy Application on your computer for free:

Just click on the Download button to download the latest version of Instarazzo Local Proxy Application.

After installing and running the application on your PC, it requires access. Use the same credentials as your Instarazzo account to login.


Keep the application open on your computer and enjoy Instarazzo.
The status icon may show that the app is not connected, but do not worry. The app works when it is open.



As for the limits of Instagram, you can connect to 5 accounts per IP. So, if you have added more than 5 accounts to Instarazzo, please consider using 2 other solutions explained on this page.


If you close the app, the Bot does not interrupt its activities. In this case, traffic will be forwarded to our servers again.


If you’d like to add a new account to your dashboard, we highly recommend you sign in to this app and then add your account to Instarazzo.

This solution is The Best Solution and is not limited to a specific device because you set the proxy on your account on your dashboard.

The proxy location must be from the same country that you usually connect to (for example: Italy) or at most from a neighboring country.

If you have a reliable SOCKSv4 or SOCKSv5 elite proxy, you can enter its credentials and use it for your Instarazzo account.



Do not use 1 proxy for more than 1 account.

However, Instarazzo has provided its customers with the opportunity to pay for a dedicated proxy on the panel. The following GIF shows instructions on how you can purchase a dedicated proxy through Instarazzo:


This is another solution provided by Instarazzo.

You can set up a free proxy from many countries in the list.

Please consider that free proxies are not reliable and we do not guarantee their performance.

The following GIF shows instructions on how you can assign a free proxy to your account via Instarazzo: