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Top 10 Instagram Reels Ideas To Go Viral

Instagram reels ideas

Instagram Reels are a great way to showcase your creative talent in one neat package. They’re an excellent tool for anyone who wants a better chance at being discovered by the right people, whether that’s by casting directors if you’re an actor or filmmaker, magazine editors or clients if you’re a photographer, or just cool people interested in what you do.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or just looking to grow your follower count, you can learn from the best with our list of top 10 Instagram Reels ideas.

Viral Marketing Your Business With Instagram Reels

Are you launching a new business or product? Do you want to market your products? Instagram Reels are a great way to share your products and services easily. Luckily, many different types of Reels come in all sorts of different styles and formats. This means you can customize your Reel’s look to fit your brand and personality.

Many advanced Instagram users have built automated posting strategies and unique engagement tactics to have thousands of new fans each week. However, some of these industry-leading Instagrammers pay a social media team to do this heavy lifting while focusing on more enormous picture opportunities.

No matter what industry you are in, you can learn from the best with our list of top 10 Instagram Reels ideas.

1. Screen recording tutorial with voiceover

How to create Instagram Reels with screen recording

As a business owner, you have a free and easy way to create professional-looking videos for your audience on Instagram: screen recording. You can use it to create different kinds of content, including:


Product demos

How-to videos

Shopping tips


Teasers for new products and services

2. Stop-motion video of your product

Stop-motion videos are a great way to showcase your product in action. There are a few rules to follow:

1. Find a product you like and create an individual video that showcases what it can do.

2. Create multiple photos of the product, which can be beautiful, but don’t forget that they’re still photos, so it’s essential to keep them quick and straightforward to take.

3. Use the shot from your video as the title for the photo.

4. Take the photo with a small, point-and-shoot camera that has good low-light performance so that you have time to set up your shot and focus before you snap the picture.

5. The best part is that you don’t have to use professional equipment! As long as your camera can shoot at least 720p HD resolution and has manual or aperture control (not auto), it should do just fine for stop motion photography.

3. Timelapse of a process

If you are into photography, video production, graphic design, or any other form of creativity, then timelapse photography can be a fun way to showcase your work.

You can capture a series of photos over a short period of time and then play them back in order in slow motion with timelapse photography. It’s a way to show the process behind your work, but it’s also an excellent way to show how fast you can get things done.

4. Show Your Packaging

One of the most important ways to stand out on Instagram is by showing off your packaging.

Showing off your product packaging isn’t just a good idea. It’s an absolute must, especially if you’re selling a physical product or have a limited edition design.

When it comes to promoting your products on Instagram, Instagram users aren’t looking for visual perfection — they want to see something that catches their eye, much in the way that a real-world store window does.

If you’re selling something that’s not particularly complicated — for example, chocolate, coffee, or a unique hat — it’s easy to create a Reel on your smartphone and upload it directly to Instagram.

You can also create a Reel on an actual Reel with photos of your packaging and include some brief text about the product and how it works.

If you’re selling something more complex, like a smart speaker or a revolutionary new type of sunscreen, use a video to show how the product works and then include some photos of the packaging.

5. Office tour

When people shop online, they’re looking for information about your company and its products. They want to see what you look like in the flesh.

That’s why it’s a good idea to share pictures of your office — the more personal and genuine they are, the more they help you sell.

And if you have a fun office people might want to visit, share pictures of that too.

Whether it’s a tour of the office or just a group shot of staff members, social media can help tell customers what your company is all about. Moreover, to give customers a sense of who they’ll be working with, whether a cheerful intern or an intimidatingly tall boss.

6. Share Testimonials

Sharing testimonials from your customers is a great way to show off the work you’ve done. This could be a quick video from a customer or an image from a review caption.

If you don’t have any visual testimonials, this is an opportunity for you to ask your customers for them.

Break Time:

So many people make the same mistakes repeatedly when it comes to Reels. So we thought we’d do a quick rundown of the 5 Biggest Mistakes In Instagram Reels . Make sure you read our blog to avoid these mistakes in publishing Reels.

7. Presentation with Slides

Presentaion especially with slides is absolutely one of the Top 10 Instagram Reels Ideas . A great way to show off the features of a product is with a video. Videos are compelling, but they take time and a lot of planning to put together. It’s much easier to use slides.

Slides are a great way to present text and images, and you can make them quickly with Google Slides, Canva, or Keynote tools.

Presentations are a great way to teach, share ideas or be entertaining. You can use them to show off your expertise in a topic or give a ‘behind the scenes look at what you do.

Here are some ideas for Instagram Reels using slides:

Introducing yourself is the easiest way to show off who you are and what you do. You can easily make this in Canva or Google Slides.

Give people a behind-the-scenes look – use Reels to show how you make things. For example, I sometimes record myself creating my Instagram posts in Canva and post that as an Instagram Reel.

Share tips – share your best advice for whatever it is you do. This works exceptionally well if you’re teaching people how to do something new.

8. Creative Animation Video

You can create animated videos using apps such as Quik or InShot. These apps allow you to create videos with creative animations that take your video to the next level.

The best part about using these apps for creating an Instagram Reel is that you don’t have to use any complicated video editing software. All you need is a smartphone and a willingness to be creative.

9. Unboxing

People love watching other people open up new things. Not only is there a revealing aspect to this, but it can also help inform viewers looking to buy the same product as you.

If you are an eCommerce seller, you can unbox a new product and show your followers what’s inside. When selling makeup or skincare products, you should showcase the package design, show closeups of the actual products, and explain what makes them special.

If something is truly unique or comes with a remarkable story behind it, your audience will appreciate being privy to this information.

10. Showcase a before and after

Before and afters are an excellent way to show off your products, services, or skills. You can use them to share how you transformed a space using your products, how you used your service to solve a common problem, or how you perfected one of your skills.

To create an engaging before and after video, add a fun spin by simultaneously showing the before and after moments. Use Reels’ timer function to help you line up the clips.

You can also use before and after videos as a way to show off several different angles of your product in action. For example, show each pair of shoes from every angle if you’re selling shoes.

Showcase your team

Want people to get to know your team members? Reels are a great way to tell their own stories in their own words.


This article has shared some of the best Instagram Reel ideas to give you the best likes and make you stand out on your profile.

Let’s have a quick look again on

Top 10 Instagram Reels Ideas to Go Viral on Instagram

1. Screen recording tutorial with voiceover

2. Stop-motion video of your product

3. Timelapse of a process

4. Show your packaging

5. Office tour

6. Share testimonials

7. Presentation with slides

8. Creative animation Video

9. Unboxing

10. Showcase a before and after

Whether you want to launch a campaign, attract new customers or grow your social media following, Instagram Reels are the quickest and easiest way to do everything. It is a user-friendly way to get started on Instagram. It’s visual, interactive, and fun. And it’s a great way to showcase different facets of your business. 

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