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Top Instagram Niches to Make Money in 2022

Top Instagram Niches to make money

We live in a massive pipeline, a world of communication and modern technologies. Suppose you want to achieve your business goals and manage your business life and desires. In that case, you must adapt to such a disordered situation in the virtual world. Firstly you’ve to present yourself meticulously. While you’re browsing some pages on this platform, you’ll find out that the popular brands of all job categories have a meaningful plan for their official page on Instagram. Picking a specific niche to focus on is a must to have a Successful Money-Making page on Social Media, including Instagram.

How to choose your Instagram niche?

Developing a business is a long-term process. Expert content creators use appropriate hashtags to make their content more discoverable to their target audience. Suppose you aim to build your business on this platform. In that case, you have to choose the right Niche, just like other famous entrepreneurs. Below, you will find 9 Top Instagram Niches to make money in 2022.

1. Beauty 

Beauty has always been a concern for people. The usual desire to be beautiful, handsome & outstanding among friends & family provides an excellent opportunity for business owners to make money in this vast Niche. Businesses in this industry maintain a great chance to promote themselves on Social Media. Today, many young entrepreneurs have gained lots of success in this category. Young ladies like Huda Kattan, the owner of Huda Beauty, are positive examples. An undeniable fact is to be up-to-date while brands always try to introduce their new products and services, offering the latest trends in this industry. According to official reports, total global sales in the beauty industry in 2021 were about 483 billion dollars. They will be about 716 billion dollars by 2025. 

2. Fashion

Fashion Niche has constantly been growing in the last four decades, and it has always had huge turnovers. These days most people think they are superstars. At least they imagine themselves as an actor or a famous model because of the Instagram models and fashion bloggers. The popularity of the fashion industry is developing day by day. 

You can do your best to be a fashion model, even if your appearance might not be so popular among others. One way is to focus on offering fashion trends to your followers, guiding them by giving valuable tips and tricks to improve their style. Some statistics have indicated that the best platform for fashion designers is Instagram. The fashion industry offering massive options for businesses to focus on holds a solid position among the top Niches to monetize your Instagram account.

3.Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are two undeniable issues in modern life. Jobs and activities in the urban areas can impress people horribly. Besides, with the emergence of COVID-19, many people are prone to run their businesses from home, jobs with the lowest amount of physical exercise. So on Instagram, we’ve seen many people presenting healthy lifestyles to encourage their fans to improve their mental and physical well-being. Obesity and mental problems are widespread, and lifestyle bloggers improve their audiences’ diets, physical abilities, and mental moods. Health and fitness niches can make us think about how we live to increase our strengths and struggle with bad habits and unhealthy practices. 


Who doesn’t love traveling? Especially now that two years of travel restrictions due to COVID, countries have started accepting visitors, the market for the travel industry is going to rocket up like never before. This provides an excellent opportunity to build your brand by either sharing your unforgettable moments while you travel or selling travel-related merchandise to your followers. If you are passionate about this Niche, now is the right time to get your hands dirty and get involved. Travel Niche will never be saturated.

5. Pets

Most profitable instagram niches

Needless to say that these days more people tend to have a pet, especially Cats & Dogs, whether you are alone or you live in a big family, pets have become a big part of our lives. Most people can’t even imagine how difficult it is to live without their pets.

Please take a look around; pets are everywhere among our family’s or friends’ homes. They love their pets as if they are their children & spend so much money providing for them. Whenever there is a demand, there is a market. If you are a Pet-lover like us, do not hesitate to pick this Niche to promote your page. 

6. Photography

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Instagram without pictures is nothing! The main idea of this platform is to create and design images and sharing with others. Photography is an incredible art to show your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Sometimes even a series of perfect photographs could make you famous and wealthy. Remember that it’s not only about the Quality of your photos. It depends on your skills. Photography has a lot of styles, and you can select a category that you love. So if you are a photographer & yet you don’t have an Instagram page for that, do not miss another moment not doing so. After gathering your audience, there are massive opportunities to sell your art in different ways. 

7. Parenting

Compared with other Instagram niches, parenting is something new. the main idea was to show the Beauty of babies to people and make the audience feel good about it. But now parenting niche is not just a matter of entertainment. Now parents are offering their lifestyles and behavioral approaches to their babies. The products and services in this category are unique. Parents tend to explain their experiences about pregnancy, childcare, single parenting, and step-parenting. In some cases, parents try to use the Beauty of their children to advertise their parent-related products!

8. Phone accessories

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Smartphones are an integral component of modern human life. Every single smartphone has its unique accessories. So each brand makes a huge market, especially on online platforms. Phone cases, car holders, adapters, headphones, and selfie sticks are smartphone accessories. In this massive market, you must design appropriate posts and stories. In the beginning, you’ve to focus on essential accessories like chargers and headphones. This market is perfect enough for your business goals. You could go for it quickly!

9. Food

That seems delicious!!! Today choosing a healthy lifestyle depends on our diet plan. There are many pages on Instagram that present different kinds of foods and recipes. Food bloggers make us keen to eat delicious healthy meals and indicate our best ways to cook foods and prepare the best recipes and ingredients for our meals. It’s a win-win game for both of us. It means famous bloggers are gaining so much money and growing rich while viewers and audiences learn more about food health. Food Niche is still very trendy & still among the Top Instagram Niches to make money in 2022!

To Sum up

Today Instagram is a great ladder to promote your business. An integral part of any business is choosing the right Niche that is not only an excellent market for it, but you are also passionate about it. Totally, on Instagram, there’s no difference between dropshipping and affiliate marketing. Niche is the skeleton of your business on Instagram. Considering numerous Niches, we have gathered 9 of the best and most popular Niches that have monetizing potential for your Instagram page:

  1. Beauty
  2. Fashion
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Travel
  5. Pets
  6. Photography 
  7. Parenting
  8. Phone Accessories
  9. Food

Just pick your thing, feed your followers with awesome content, & rest assured that hard work pays off.

What do you think about this article? Are you already active in one of the Niches above? How is it going so far? Take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you liked this article, make sure to share it with your friends.

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