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Why am I Losing Instagram Followers

why am i losing instagram followers

Instagram users, especially companies, work hard to build up an extensive list of followers. Losing Instagram followers, especially in severe decline, is extremely disheartening.

There are different reasons why you might be losing followers on Instagram. If you do not know why you can figure out what’s happening with your account and fix it by analyzing the reasons that may make your followers disappear.

Here are 9 main reasons why you may be losing Instagram followers, along with solutions to make sure it doesn’t happen to you in the future. Let’s see how you can inject some life back into your Instagram feed if you’re tired of losing followers!

1. Being “Shadow-banned” 

If you have used inauthentic methods to gain followers, like using spambots, this might have gotten you into trouble. Instagram has clearly cracked down on businesses that provide services like this in the last year by either deleting your account or putting it under a “shadow ban.” in practice, your posts won’t show in Instagram search results, hashtags are not associated anymore with your images, & to make it simple, you have become invisible; This could have severe consequences for your account’s growth.

Using Autobots is not the only reason for getting shadowbanned. Other possible reasons could be frequent reporting of your account, posting inappropriate content, leaving racially insensitive comments, etc. All could jeopardize your account & get flagged by Instagram. Keep these things in mind and focus on being genuine, providing value, and genuinely engaging with your audience if you want your account to grow! You can also read our blog about “How to have a successful Instagram page” to get the most critical tips that facilitate the way to this end.

2. Decline phase of Instagram niche

why do i lose followers on instagram

People may lose their interest in something they once were so passionate about. Because of this, most content creators within that niche, even those with numerous fans, start losing followers on Instagram

There isn’t much you can do about the phase of your niche, so you must pivot your account to a Niche that produces new audience growth. By identifying potential Niches you sincerely care about, ensuring they aren’t too saturated, and ensuring you can create content that stands out in the niche well enough to gain an audience, you can stand out and gain a loyal audience. If you think this is why you are losing your followers, read our blog about Top Instagram Niches in 2022.

3. Posting too much or inconsistently

You could look at your posting schedule if you’re losing more Instagram followers than you’re gaining. 

When you post haphazardly, you won’t give your audience a chance to become accustomed to your content, and they won’t remember who you are when you finally show up.

In contrast, if you post too often, say 5+ times daily, you can quickly and easily annoy your followers, resulting in them unfollowing you. The ideal number of daily posts is 1-2, or at a bare minimum, 5 per week.

You learn something about your audience when you post consistently with each post. They will build an admiration for you and get excited to see your posts if your content is appealing to their eyes and your captions are interesting. Just like when you’re dating someone for the first time, although you wish you were there all the time, you also have to let them miss you for a while to build up your relationship. 

4.Lack of cohesiveness/consistency/theme

Like your bio, your feed gives your audience an immediate sense of what you’re all about. You can easily scare away potential followers by having clunky posts with wildly different images, coloring, and image quality. The opposite is also true. If, however, your feed is filled with high-quality photos that flow seamlessly from one to the next, the number of followers will naturally increase. When you upload anything to your account, keep these things in mind:

– How attractive is this photo on its own? How does it relate to your account? Is it high-quality?

– Is it complementary to the previous photo? Do they have the same composition, color, or content?

– Is there a common element among them? For example, the use of a similar color or font?

As this can significantly impact the number of followers, I suggest you invest a great deal of time in it.

5. Change of Your Followers Interests

why do i keep losing instagram followers

It’s sad but true; It makes sense, most of us initially follow someone because we’re intrigued by its content, but in the long run, we get bored with it, we find more exciting feeds to pursue, or our interests change, so we unfollow them. Your audience will be affected if this becomes a pandemic in your account, and you won’t be able to gain enough new followers to make up for it. Don’t take it personally since it has nothing to do with the value of your work.

How to fix it? It would help if you got to work after accepting the truth that your content might no longer be attractive enough to keep your audience engaged. We need to change the focus on our accounts and start testing new types of content that feel aligned with us. We want to re-engage our existing audience and attract a new audience that would not have been interested in us if we hadn’t changed.

Your followers may be interested in your images, but your captions will also engage them. Here are a few suggestions to improve the quality of your captions:

6. Un-Engaging Captions

– How does the image relate to the context (what’s going on, why is it important, who’s in it?)

– Share a story about this image (is this an image that means a lot to you, did it come at a difficult time for you, or is it an essential part of your business?)

– Make the audience engage by asking them a question.

– Make sure you include a call to action (for example, you ask your audience to leave a comment or click the link in your bio)

Simply tweaking your content will make it feel like you’re speaking directly to your audience, which will encourage them to engage with it. You might get bored uploading just images without any context, which will likely lead to them unfollowing.

7. Lack of Hashtag Strategy

losing followers on instagram

You’re making a big mistake if you don’t use Hashtags or use them without any knowledge. Most people on Instagram use hashtags, but they’re unsure about the ones they’re using or can’t tell if they’re getting results.

Every good Instagram strategy should include Hashtags since they put your content in front of new audiences at all times. If you do not use them, it does not necessarily make you lose followers, but you will not gain any new ones! Hashtags are Important if you are serious about growing on Instagram. If you think your knowledge about Hashtags is not enough, we advise you to read our blog about “How to find the best hashtags for Instagram posts.”

8. Too many sales talk

If you continually promote your products without providing any value to your audience, your audience will become bored very quickly. We’re on Instagram to build an audience, which is why we promote our products and services! However, marketing isn’t the same as selling.

You’re being sales-y if every caption you post is “GET THIS SWEATER FOR $29.99. Check out my bio for details.” 

Try this instead:

We love this sweater for wearing daily. In winter, it’s warm enough, but in summer, it’s breathable because of the chunky knit. If you are riding your bike to the beach, you can easily throw this over your tank then tie it around your waist until it gets dark. Choosing a size larger than your usual size is recommended if you prefer a loose fit. Find your perfect match by clicking the link in our bio or DM us if you have any questions!”

Isn’t it different? By educating your audience, you provide value to them. Educating your audience about your product, you help them understand who it is beneficial to, how to use it, what kind of recommendations you have, etc.

They’re going to visit your bio link if any of what you say resonates with them. Your followers are likely to leave your account if you try to force the sale with an overly sales-y caption.

9. Instagram purge

In 2014, Instagram shut down all accounts that purchased fake followers and used Autobots to increase their number (“The Great Instagram Purge”). MILLIONS of users were removed, which caused many popular influencers and celebrities embarrassment. There was a big question for every one of them: Why am I losing Instagram followers

Since then, we haven’t seen a “purge” as significant as that one. However, these measures could still be implemented from time to time. So if you ever see a drop in followers, it could be the result of a “purge.”

To avoid these purges, be aware of buying followers or using services that promise you’ll get the follower amount you want overnight (or in a week, or whatever!). Also, make sure you don’t use super overpopulated hashtags because spammers can follow you using those, resulting in growing your following but leaving you vulnerable to purging. 

Stop Losing Instagram Followers

Why am I losing Instagram followers?

9 main reasons have been discussed in this article. Once you identify the problem, you can create a better account and grow real, engaged followers. Focus on creating great content and check your account for these reasons why you’re losing followers. 

If you hope to measure your success, you shouldn’t consider the number of Instagram followers you’ve accumulated but rather how many genuine relationships you’ve been able to forge with those followers.

Comment below if you have any thoughts on this article!

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